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OverViews' professional writing team offers years of success serving executives and their corporations. Clients have included American Express, Eastman Chemical, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Hilton Hotels, ITT, Sony, Saturn, Tenneco, U S West, University of Michigan, and organizations that include PGA, NBA, and AMA.

Ghosting services focus on speech presentations, yet we also have produced guest articles, public relations releases, campaign launches, video scripts, advertorials, internal and external publications strategies, and have ghost written several full-length books for select clients.

Before we started haunting corporate corridors, our writers proved themselves in the mass market. Our team has written for major magazines from Reader's Digest to Discover. Between us, we've authored 17 books. These previous lives are ideal for ghost writing as we've learned from actual experience how to sell ideas that audiences and editors want and are willing to pay for.

Laura Lee, president
Lee has the most eclectic background of the OverViews team. She has written speeches for executives at HSBC Bank, Nycomed Amersham, EuroRSCG, American Field Service, MicroMedia, The Ford Motor Company and General Motors. She has also written extensively for magazines, newspaper and has authored nine books with such publishers as Harper Collins, W.W. Norton, and Broadway/Random House. She has been a radio announcer, a brodcast copywriter, playwright, poet, publicist for the ballet, and is probably the only writer in America once gainfully employed as a mime.

Thomas Morrisey
Morrisey is an OverViews associate and seasoned writing professional. Formerly senior vice president of two nationally known marketing communications companies, Morrisey has written speeches and ghostings for American Express, Century 21, Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, Holiday Inns, Magnavox, Mercury Marine, Nestle, PGA, NBA, and many others. He is a prolific, award-winning writer, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing. In recent years, Morrisey has gained recognition as a Christian adventure novelist. ThomasMorrisey@msn.com


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